So, It's the end. hey?

the end of obc! is here. for multiple reasons.

Meanwhile obc!spring was running, i was sitting in my room hosting it, i was hot, and i had to do most things myself, quite a few of the staff were offline. I was on my own.

I got some friend to help me out with commentating, but we just ended up chatting while the tournament was left to run.

obc!spring was a trainwreck, but thats not the only reason.

I didnt really enjoy hosting obc!spring, and i wanted to make obc!summer a bit more of a fun experience to play and host, but in doing that we made it too unprofessional, making the mappool, ruleset, and professionalism a bit all over the place.

I wanted to make obc! fun again. But in doing that i made it worse, (obc!spring)

so in obc!summer i tried to stay professional but at the same time have fun, which was also pretty bad to my eyes.

I didnt put enough time into obc!spring nor obc!summer, and that ended up bringing the end for obc!

So long, everyone. - It was nice being here, but its now the end.

You can find other things i do at

thanks to the obc!team for making all this possible, but its a shame it ended so early.

Goodbye everyone.


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